September 21, 2009

well today is the 2nd day raya!its like 11.00am now and i like kinda tired!well this year raya wasnt a good one, i just cant feel it.i felt that, its just a normal other day?maybe because im sick?or maybe because im in ns?or maybe because this year is something different from the past 2 years!haha oh well i think ive put on weight after what i ate yesterday!damn! well its ok and now since im in NS i like semangat sia everyday do push up n sit up!badan also naik ready!yes ah!hahahaa

Sometimes i wonder what is love?what does really loves means?Any opinions?=)

well tonight my bunkmates,squadmates,companymates are booking in oh well how wish i could book in with them!i starting to miss my friends!well i felt that when youre a policeman people will give ya sense of respect like what happenned to me, like they said wah policeman ah?like we can feel it that people will respect us because we are a policeman!haha..oh well thats good! and they seemly cant be bothered with army or cd peeps!sorryman i just felt that way đŸ˜›

HMM this weekend formula 1 is in sg!WALAU I WANNA WATCH SIA!because of ns and no friends to watch with =( well its ok atleast i watch it last year!well next year!sape2 mau join?hahahaha

well thats it for today!ketupat rendang sambal goreng is waiting for me!well good bye!have a lovely holiday =D



September 19, 2009

well hello sorry comp was down!now i have a new comp,new broadband!hahaha!sorry for not updating my blog!well i will now over the weekends! ok what have happen to me in the last few months?

Well ive been enlisted to Singapore Police Force!HAHAHA YES AH! but sadly im on a 10 days mc!hahaha H1N1 postive!i tought i was going to die sia!i swear!when they rush me to the hosp,i can hardly breath sia!well im ok now cheerS!

Im happily graduated from nafa, well im still thinking what i should do after my ns?i thought of taking my honours and sign on with spf?hmm should i?well atleast i have about 2 years to think about it, Well as for my posting!these are the 3 choices!airport police,NPCO and mrt police unit, i hope i get into one of them!

yay!besok raya!hahaha besok pakai colour pink!well i felt pink is a sweet nice colour ah! but this year dont think i will raya that much,im on mc then botak somemore!but atleast ive lost few kilos!YAY! and its raining now!hahaha

Well so far my ns wasnt that bad!except for the rushness to prepare ya stuff,every mins is very precious in NS!im starting to like it expecially i have lovely bunkmates and squadmates =D i hope to have a smooth ride to my ORD OH!

sometimes i asked myself, are we still young for relationships?are we mature enough to get into a relationship?when we dont even have a stable career or jobs?i mean why in a relationship, there will always have a fight or arguements?i felt that the best time to have a relationship is when youre ready for one and when you have a stable career and wanna settle down. im still 21 anyway, theres a long way to go in my life!im sure i will find the right one!thats the most exciting part =) well im still waiting!but now enjoy ya SINGLELIFE before it ends forever!HAHAHA! ok thats all for today folks!


sorry if my eng kinda sucks!because its been awhile since i wrote or blog this long!haha ok bye everyone!=D

Presentation DONE!

May 14, 2009

Well yesterday was my last presentation during my NAFA career!It went smooth and i think i did well for my FYP!=D I hope i would get A because i wanna try to get into NUS or NTU after my NS!i hope i can sia!really2 hope.

SO yeah my nafa is going to be over soon i left with grad show and thats it bye bye nafa!im sure im gonna miss my nafa days..its one of the best memories that i had from year 1 till year 3!from first day in school how i get to know my classmates well i hope i wont lose contact with them and My new chapter of life is going to begin. I have too look forward to it and i know its going be alot of challenges!well i hope i can take that challenge.

Well i already plan for the next 3 weeks on what im gonna do!its going to be a busy 3 weeks for me. From grad show to bro’s wedding to soccer to dating đŸ˜› lol..shhsshhhsss

My soccer team have decided to join the sunday league so my expectation for my team is quite high as we a one of the favourites to win the league.Now i have responsible for my team and i hope my team do win the league. 1st game this Sunday!hope to start of with a bang!=D

AND MANU BEAT WIGAN!!!!We just need 1 point from 2 games to be the BPL CHAMPION!We will do it at home against Arsenal! =D

And thats all for today….going out!ciao!=D


May 12, 2009

Submission done!i left with my presentation which is tomorrow!wish me luck ok!hahaha..well after my submission yesterday i went to arab street with my friends!wah its been a long time since i had fun!always busy with school school school!

Yesterday was like freedom!nothing to worry about!hahaha..i was think whether i have any work to do?the ans is NO!hahaha!well today i went and cut my hair so i will look good for tomorrow presentation!went to banquet and ate ban mian!wah its been awhile since i ate ban mian sia!hahaha..taste nice!well i geuss today i gonna have a good rest!tomorrow presentation!

And guys do you think i should work?or just have fun till ns?my ns is most probably in oct!hahaha…i need opinions!or maybe go dating?-_-!hahaha!

ok ciao!


May 10, 2009

well here it is!the final day!tomorrow is my FYP submission day!3 years in nafa..all come down to tomorrow!3 years in nafa is damn fast and time flies very fast! im all ready for tomorrow except burn of cds and stuff =D

I really cant wait for tomorrow,after that presentation on wed and grad show to come!soon i will have my long waited holidays!!im gonna have fun!enjoy!soccerr!yes ah!and after all that i will be going to ns but my letter has yet to come!but most probably i will be going in Oct!wah 5 mths of holiday!hahaha!hmm should i work?hmm…

Well to all my friends who have been helping me,who motivate me who push me for my fyp!thanks man!i owe u guys one!i know that end of last year things happened. And now im back on my feet ready to go!for new challenges!Your happy go lucky fazil is back in town!

Thanks guys for being there for me and during my fyp!i hope to have a smooth run till i get my cert in august!And sorry for not updating i ve been busy with my fyp!see you guys!wish me luck ok!=D


April 24, 2009

Alamak most of my friend all get Enlistment letter sia today!i was so excited..went home and check my letter box!no letter sia! alamak..when sia i can know when i going ns?Maybe my letter come tomorrow ah? or maybe i get into police?hahaha…because all my friends that get the letter..they go in army sia!

pls!i hope i wont get into army but into the police force!haiya i can just hope ah..but whatever i get..i will accept it and work hard during my ns!=D

And can u believe it?i have to go school on a saturday since my lappy gone ready!hai..sian ah!nvm lor i left with 3 days of school..and thats it!=D tahan!!!

well goodnight peeps!=D


April 23, 2009

ok basically i’ve deleted my old entires..i wanna start a fresh and start of with a brand new blog!hahaha..

i dont wanna think about my past because im like happily moving on!Live your life dok!=D

Well ive been busy with my FYP and school sia!2 more weeks and im all done with school!2 more weeks!!!!YES AH!!!!!i ve been thinking about sign on with the singapore police force..i really thinking about it man!should i?because if i sign on with singapore police force i wanna ask for scholarship for my degree and honours..well should i?because ive like make up my mind on what i wanna do..if i didnt sign on police now… i will after taking my degree or honours..i felt that i will have a stable job and working for the governement is the best i felt.

Well im thinking about it wisely.its my career afterall!if you guys have any opinion please do let me know!thanks!=D

And pls pray for me that i will ge into singapore police force for my ns!pls2!=D